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As a full-service partner, POS is also able to assist its clients in several other key project areas, creating a one-stop R&D and custom processing destination.


Competitiveness depends on optimal equipment efficiency. Our engineering services department can give you that edge. Qualified, in-house bioprocessing engineers work proactively to troubleshoot, innovate, and keep client projects running on schedule.

Equipment Selection

Scaling up your in-house capabilities? Ready to make new capital investments to support your processes? POS works closely with its clients to offer advice on equipment and installation mechanisms that provide the best value.

Materials Management

From product sourcing to procurement, warehousing to logistics, our materials management team assures the timely delivery of project materials, proper product storage, and maintenance of handling and processing systems — meeting all international clearances and regulatory requirements.


Our maintenance department keeps equipment in optimal condition, performing well and to exact specifications. This team performs preventative maintenance, equipment repairs and modifications, customized parts fabrication, and installation of any specialized equipment required by our clients.

Information Services

Our research team provides business, technical, scientific and regulatory information to support the work of our team and clients. Our in-house collection is extensive, focused on food research and development, food processing, management and marketing, quality assurance and new product development.

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