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POS offers full-cycle process development and contract R&D services, from laboratory- to commercial-scale, including:

         •   Initial evaluation and proof of concept;
         •   Application development;
         •   Market assessment;
         •   Pilot scale-up; and
         •   Commercial production.

Laboratory-Scale (Up to 5 kg)

In addition to bench-scale processing and research, all of POS’s pilot plant-scale processes can be performed at a laboratory level. This allows us to minimize inputs and conduct the appropriate project analysis.

Mini-Pilot-Scale Trials (5-100 kg)

Similar to services offered in the lab or pilot plant, POS is able to emulate industrial processes on a protracted level, such as refining, bleaching and deodorizing, protein extraction and purification, as well as mini-bead mill extraction for biomass.

Pilot-Scale Development (100 kg – Tonnes)

Our pilot plant capabilities are world-class:

         •   Extraction (solvent and non-solvent);
         •   Desolventizing solids and liquids;
         •   Drying and milling;
         •   Purification;
         •   Chromatography;
         •   Ultrafiltration;
         •   Crystallization;
         •   Solvent partitioning;
         •   Fractionation;
         •   Centrifugation;
         •   Filtering and screening;
         •   Winterization;
         •   Air classification;
         •   Modification; and
         •   Enzyme and chemical hydrogenation and hydrolysis.

Toll Processing (Tonnes)

We are also able to accommodate larger quantities for toll processing.

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