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A Year in Review and Looking Ahead

Last year was an important year in our company’s history. 2017 marked POS’s 40th year providing confidential contract R&D, toll processing, and analytical services to our varied client base. The year was one of many successes. With innovation, collaboration, and determination, we continued to deliver top quality services and support to those who partnered with us. As a company, we also made several significant announcements, including:

2017 represented a year of change for POS as we also announced two new entities within our family of companies: Lakessence ( and Algarithm ( With Algarithm, we also formed a very exciting key strategic relationship with VIRUN (, whose creativity brings ingredients to life. We are excited for the opportunities working with them presents.

Like the companies we work with, POS recognizes that we cannot be successful by being stagnant. We must keep welcoming change, innovating, and collaborating. Aside from Lakessence and Algarithm, POS has worked to be more collaborative in 2017, and are committed to finding new and creative ways to ensure our company and our clients find success.

We continue to evolve as a company and as a team, and we are proud of that. As we go forward into 2018, keep an eye out for some new and exciting changes to POS. In addition to announcing key equipment additions, there will also be new services, new partnerships, and perhaps an even bigger development that will excite the industry.

Happy New Year to all. We wish you the best for 2018, and can’t wait to see what the future has in store.