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The work we do at POS is important to industry and to the world

1. What do you do at POS Bio-Sciences?

I am a Project Engineer at POS. I work on projects for external clients as well as completing internal capital improvement projects.

2. Why do you do what you do? 

The work we do at POS is important to industry and to the world. It gives great satisfaction being able to contribute something to society through the work we do daily at POS.  POS also provides endless opportunities for professional development, learning, and self-improvement.

3. What made you decide to become an owner at POS?

It makes sense to have some ownership in the work you are doing. If we perform better as a group, I have a share of the increased value we have created for ourselves. Having ownership gives you the extra motivation to ensure things go well, and some extra satisfaction when they do.

4. Does employee-ownership make a difference?

I believe employee ownership creates a more engaged workforce. It is mutually beneficial for the company, which performs better, and the owners/employees who benefit from that performance.

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