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And the winner is?

Quick Kaizen Olympics winners have been revealed and the winners are …

The Above and Beyond Award for the person with the highest cost savings idea during the Quick Kaizen Olympics goes to Angie Johnson.

Angie identified over-production, over-processing and underutilization of skills in the way our technology team weekly meeting was conducted.  By changing the format of the meeting, and reducing the time scheduled from 1 hour to 0.5 hours, we will realize an annual “soft” savings of $36,400 – freeing up our technical team to do more value-added work. Thank you, Angie!

The Quick Kaizen Team Award for the team submitting the highest number of Quick Kaizens goes to Operators – Team A

  • Chris Rose
  • Phil Lam
  • Erin Campbell
  • Patrick Czechowicz
  • Manish Patel
  • Justin Larocque
  • Joseph Hayes
  • Cara Kinney
  • Marte Barreda
  • Adam Naconechny

During the month of February, we had 56 Quick Kaizens submitted, which should account for $205,000 cost savings annually. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Quick Kaizens and the work you do each and every day to make POS Bio-Sciences the best it can be.