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Key Industries


Agricultural Biotechnology

POS works with agricultural commodities and other materials to add value by extracting, concentrating and/or purifying in-demand components for commercialization. We also help clients identify and develop commercial processes for agricultural feedstock to maximize crop utilization.

Food Processing

We help clients transform feedstocks from prairies, oceans, forests and deserts into valuable food ingredients. These vital ingredients, such as fats, oils, proteins, starches, fibre, and other bioactive components, can enhance the nutritional, functional and/or medicinal value of foods.

Cosmetics & Toiletries

POS works with clients to develop natural extracts as key ingredients in the creation of high-demand, high-value consumer products, including oils and oil fractions, waxes, emulsifiers, proteins, antioxidants, fragrances, and other bioactives that replace synthetic or petroleum-based ingredients.


The health and nutraceutical sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Our technology, expertise, and regulatory capacity allow us to produce designer oils, bioactive proteins and peptides, fibre, polyphenols, carotenoids and other natural products for market consumption.

Pharmaceuticals & Medical Ingredients

POS works alongside companies in the pharmaceutical and medical industries to isolate and purify ingredients suitable for highly regulated and sensitive applications. We also have experience helping clients navigate FDA and Health Canada regulatory approval processes.

Industrial Bio-Products

We take industrial by-products and other input sources to create new value chains and revenue streams for our clients. Algae or damaged, non-food-grade oilseeds, for example, can be converted into high-performing, environmentally friendly biofuels.