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Tips for Shipping Your Analytical Samples Across the Border

POS Analytical Services works with a variety of international clients and receives samples from around the world, conducting approximately 150 routine analysis daily. Offering accurate and consistent results, we believe that good decisions are built on good data ⎯ which is why our expert team, made up of senior scientists and technicians, provide timely follow-up and feedback services on test results. We also work with our clients to transfer or establish methods for analysis, later incorporating them into our regular offerings if demand is sufficient.

At POS, we are not your standard analytical lab. We offer personal and prompt service to ensure our clients get the data they require to be successful.

As we receive samples from around the world on a day-to-day basis, we wanted to share our experience and provide some quick tips on how to speed up customs processing, avoid fees, and reduce turnaround times. When sending samples to POS internationally:

  1. Assign “no commercial value” to the goods, and “the goods are destined for crushing/processing/analysis and will be delivered free of charge.”
  2. Include the statement “samples intended for laboratory examination, research, evaluative testing, or trade show exhibition.”
  3. Include the statement “samples not intended for human or animal consumption.”
  4. Assign a value for customs of CAD 1.00 per KG.
  5. Include a commercial invoice with the shipment.

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