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How SuperPro™ Modeling Capabilities can make you money

To make effective decisions, businesses need better analysis tools. That’s why we added En-gineering Modeling Services.

In the past, data gathered by POS Bio-Sciences during R&D trials and manufacturing work was captured by hand or put into spread sheets. This process required a great deal of time and ef-fort. Moreover, clients and the POS team had to parse through data to inform decision mak-ing. Today, better decision making is driven by detailed data and time to market has become increasingly important and shortened. POS Bio-Sciences is ready on all fronts.

To help clients gather insights from the work they do at POS Bio-Sciences, client engineering modeling services was launched this past year. Using SuperPro™ software developed at MIT, the POS team takes data clients generate running pilot plant projects at the shop and help predict the CAPEX and OPEX of a facility 5x or 20x scale and beyond.

While POS Bio-Sciences has long been known for helping clients recognize what processes are not scalable, the work completed by the POS team provides data influencing significant business decisions. Given the potential impact of data collected, the POS team created tools that help clients get the most from data they generate at the shop.

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