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It All Began with Proteins, Oils, and Starches

In the 1970s, industry and government partners saw a need to expand the utilization and research of crops. Founded on the University of Saskatchewan campus in Saskatoon – a strategic location with an abundance of both crops and research – the Protein, Oils, and Starches Pilot Plant Corporation was created as a dedicated, scalable processing and research facility. This new pilot plant was successful in processing crops and bringing new innovations to the areas of nutritional lipids, biofuels, protein concentrates and isolates, and more recently, Omega-3 rich oils as well as pulse proteins. As trends shifted, the Protein, Oils, and Starches Pilot Plant Corporation grew into POS Bio Sciences, an organization that is globally recognized as a leader and trusted expert in applied science and technology in bio processing. For more than 40 years, POS has had an impact in shaping the food, nutraceutical, cosmetics and bio-products industries all over the world. POS continues to bring a new level of sophistication to processing by utilizing and applying big data and new technologies to develop innovative ingredients from new crops.

POS Bio-Sciences has worked closely alongside entrepreneurs, multinational corporations, and governments to develop innovative processes and technologies recognizable in hundreds of market-leading products around the world.

Historic Milestones

1973: POS Bio-Sciences is incorporated as POS Pilot Plant Corporation.

1977: Begins operation as a publicly supported research facility to study grain and oilseed processing and ingredient development.

2012: POS restructures and fully privatizes as a lean-minded R&D, custom processing, and analytical services provider.

2013: Introduces new investment mechanisms, transferring partial ownership of POS directly to its dedicated employees.

2014: Acquires the 12,000-square-foot Innovation Place Bio-Processing Centre, expanding POS’s capability to offer commercial-scale custom processing solutions for biological materials.

2015: Surpasses 5,400 client projects in more than 50 countries worldwide.

2016: Acquired the Batavia Bio Processing Plant in Batavia, Illinois

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