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QUICK KAIZEN OLYMPICS were held at POS Bio-Sciences Feb 6 – 28

This continuous improvement process and friendly competition encouraged great ideas for improvement from the POS team and explored ways of implementing them.

Quick Kaizen is a continuous improvement process aimed at increasing safety, quality, productivity and worker satisfaction. The process helps eliminate or reduce waste, promotes personal growth of employees, provides guidance for employees, and serves as a barometer of leadership. Each kaizen may be small, but the cumulative effect is tremendous.

For most of February, POS departmental teams competed in a Quick Kaizen Olympics to see which department could submit the most Quick Kaizen ideas.  The purpose of the event was to stimulate the continuous improvement mindset of team members and to recognize the employee that submits the best cost saving idea. (Look for them in the newsletter next month!)

During the POS Bio-Sciences Quick Kaizen Olympics, every POS employee was encouraged to come up with ideas – however small – that could improve his/her particular job activity, job environment or any company process. The process recognizes that the person doing a job is the best expert on that job, and, when feasible, employees are also encouraged to implement their own ideas.

A continuous improvement mindset is very much a part of corporate culture. It requires both conscious and sub-conscious thinking about improvements day by day and minute by minute from all team members. POS Bio-Sciences is acutely aware of the importance of continuous improvements to operational efficiencies, employee safety and morale, overall production, client confidence and the bottom line.