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POS partners with Apeiron to create an essential oil facility with sustainable solutions and new technology

POS Bio-Sciences continues to expand and is partnering with Apeiron Lanka Limited in Sri Lanka to develop a manufacturing facility designed to extract high-quality, pure essential oils.

Essential oils have experienced a growing market in recent years thanks to increased popularity and enhanced utility. Derived from plant roots, seeds, flowers, leaves and bark, essential oils are used as additives in food flavourings, fragrances, personal care products, air fresheners, deodorizers, pharmaceutics, massage therapy products and feed additives. They can also be found in insect repellents and antimicrobial products.

“Sri Lanka – a tropical country with ample rainfall and rich soil conditions – is blessed with valuable agricultural products of premium taste and quality”, says Ashoka Siriwardena, Chairman/Managing Director, Apeiron Lanka Limited. “Our customers will benefit from the high quality plant extract products, tailor-made by POS technologies to suit unique needs. We are very excited to build on this opportunity.”

In the same way POS transformed canola for Saskatchewan farmers, this new facility will process raw materials from Sri Lankan farmers and employ Sri Lankan people. By working together, the partnership will compliment a rapidly growing local economy with a robust export market network.

“We are proud to be the first North American company working to establish this kind of facility in Sri Lanka,” says Dale Kelly, President and CEO of the POS Group of Companies. “We see a lot of opportunity and potential here thanks to Free Trade agreements with neighboring countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Maldives. Plus, easily accessible raw materials and access to internationally and locally owned independent testing facilities will help ensure quality products.”

The Sri Lankan facility is expected to be operational by the end of 2017. Updates, including a website, will be available by the end of 2016.




POS Bio-Sciences is an innovative R & D bioprocessing company that customizes inventive answers for clients across the global market place. POS creates value added products and ingredients from biological materials of all kinds, for uses in food supplements, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, biofuels, and medical devices. POS supports those who desire sustainable and profitable products and processes. This competitive position is based on employee-ownership and with employees having a vested interest in providing the very best in value and customer service. POS’s head office is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.



Apeiron Lanka (Private) Limited is a well-established company engaged in the business of processing and exporting of Sri Lankan cinnamon and spice products. The cinnamon is processed in the form of bark, quilling and powder. The company also manufactures unique “Pranjapanee,” cinnamon treated toothpicks and a range of other herbal products for the local and export markets.





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