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POS Bio-Sciences technology update

  • Process for producing Omega-3 enriched marine oils – this uses short path distillation – the technology can be scaled to commercial production at our facility in Batavia.
  • Preparation of stable oil-water micro-emulsions.  These emulsions can be used as base ingredients for food and beverage applications.
  • Non-solvent, aqueous extraction of oils from microalgae.
  • In-situ extraction that allows for the removal of oil without the use of hexane.  The resulting de-oiled meal is also higher in protein value. 
  • Process development and product characterization for a canola lecithin product.
  • Engineering modeling which allows us to prepare predictive models for commercial production of ingredients.
  • Production method for isolation of egg yolk phospholipids – these are rich in phosphatidyl choline, which is valued for its purported health benefits such as improving brain function and for anti-inflammation activity.

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