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POS Bio-Sciences Looking to Spin Starch By-product into Gold

POS Bio-Sciences partners with Sweden’s Speximo to combine technologies and capacity


SASKATOON – POS Bio-Sciences announced a formal cooperation agreement with Sweden’s Speximo today.

Headquartered in Lund, Sweden, Speximo offers green, innovative and sustainable solutions for the encapsulation and stabilization of oil-water emulsions by using selected starches.  Saskatoon-based POS Bio-Sciences is a leading edge ingredient development company and has developed processes for production of various unique oils and oil fractions for the food, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.  So, the partnership is a natural and complimentary match.

“This partnership will be of great interest to companies producing specialty oils as well as those looking for new applications for small granule starches,” says Dr. Rick Green, VP of Technology for the POS Group of Companies.

In many grains, starch is a high volume, low value by-product from protein processing. Combining their technologies, POS and Speximo will be working to find higher value uses for starches and thereby generate higher revenue from the secondary product.

 “Speximo provides a unique technology using starch particles to create effective oil emulsions and encapsulated powdered oils,” says Dr. Malin Sjöö, Speximo CEO.  “With Speximo’s emulsion encapsulation technology the oil and oil-based actives are protected inside the capsule – POS has the expertise and equipment to further develop and process microencapsulated oils.”

Encapsulating oils is a technology in high demand by a variety of industries and allows oil to be stabilized or protected against oxidation.   Encapsulated oils are used in a wide array of applications, such as beverages, foods, cosmetics and personal care products.

“We see lots of potential for synergism between our two companies,” continues Green. “Both POS and Speximo have an interest developing new functional ingredients, and we will be focused on leveraging each other’s strengths.”