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POS Bio-Sciences Earns AOCS Recognition

POS Bio-Sciences has continued to offer exceptional Analytical Services for years, and this year AOCS has again recognized the POS team for its world class talent. Find out who earned this year’s high honours.  



For many years, POS Bio-Sciences has maintained an exceptional Analytical Service department. The department provides support to our R&D & toll processing services, while also serving as a third-party contract lab. Although the bigger toys often receive the bulk of the attention by POS Partners, amongst the POS team the importance of having a consistent and reliable analytical testing department is clear. This year, our analytical testing leaders were again recognized by AOCS for their work. Congratulations, everyone!


Not to be outdone, Chris Stefan, Quality Manager at Batavia Bio Processing Limited, has received an approved chemist certification, as well as an honorable mention from AOCS. Chris received this Honorable Mention and certification for analytical work in the determination of the Global Organization for DHA and EPA Omega-3 (GOED) Nutraceutical Oils. Congratulations to Chris for this achievement, and thank you for helping POS deliver on its promise of maintaining world class talent and methods. The Batavia Analytical recognition can be found HERE.


AOCS also recognized POS Analytical Services as an Approved Chemist for 2017-2018. This renewed approval highlights POS Bio-Sciences analytical services high quality of work and commitment to world class standards. POS Bio-Sciences continues to enjoy a strong relationship with AOCS and appreciates what it provides to the scientific community. POS Analytical Services recognition can be found HERE.