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POS Bio-Sciences Creates New Analytical Lab in Sri Lanka

POS Bio-Sciences is expanding on a recently announced partnership with Apeiron Lanka Pvt Ltd.  The partnership now includes sister company, Wichy Plantation Company, and the joint venture creates the first international presence outside of Canada for POS Analytical – an Analytical Services Business Unit of POS Bio-Sciences.

POS Analytical expertise and technologies provide on-site testing capacity to ensure process or final product(s) meet target specifications. For POS’s contract R&D and toll processing clients, this is a key ingredient to their success.

 “We are thrilled to be able to expand the global reach of our analytical services offering,” says Dale Kelly, President and CEO of the POS Group of Companies. “We know how critical analytical testing is to the success of our clients, and bringing that expertise to our new production partnership in Sri Lanka is a win for both partners and Sri Lanka.”

Having the additional analytical testing expertise and capacity will add value to the manufacturing capabilities of the earlier partnership, and allow for a prominent expansion of POS’s third-party services.

“The presence of an analytical laboratory facility at the scale POS delivers will allow the Sri Lankan and regional food industry to raise their bench mark levels in precision measures for food safety. We are happy to take advantage of the opportunity to be POS Bio-Science’s Sri Lankan partner,” explains Ashoka Siriwardena, Chairman and Managing Director of Wichy Plantation and Aperion Lanka Pvt Ltd.

The Sri Lankan facility is expected to be operational by mid-year 2018.