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POS Bio-Sciences continues to grow their technological capacity through the acquisition of important assets.

POS Bio-Sciences made a number of equipment acquisitions this year. Here are a few highlights:

  • Loss feeder for consistent biomass metering of feed in Flam 1.
  • Retrofit of a bulk sack unloader in Flam 1 for safe discharging of biomass from bulk sacks.
  • Installation of a dust collecting system in Flam 1.
  • 3 mass flow meters for the plant to alleviate conflict of use in the limited mass flow meters in service.
  • Alfa Laval centrifuge (Clara 20) as a replacement for retired Oil centrifuge after trialing the unit at POS BIO-SCIENCES.
  • ATP count machine to verify cleanliness of equipment and CFU measurement.
  • Double dump valve for the spray dryer so that we increase our recovery efficiency.
  • Sweco screen for use under the BPC Spray dryer.