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Novel Equipment & New Opportunities

POS  Bio-Sciences has expanded access to commercial scale  bioprocessing  capacity for aqueous extraction and concentration of heat-sensitive,  high value  compounds. 
Our  manufacturing clients and partners from food, health and wellness, and  ag-biotechnology industries can produce market quantities of products   such as purified proteins, peptides, juice concentrates, and powdered extracts   – all at a market entry level economy of scale.
The   recently commissioned high capacity processing equipment includes our  new  3-stage evaporator, a condenser,  and  reactors.  It will operate in conjunction with our existing extraction, separation, purification and drying capabilities.
“Increasing   capacity to commercial scale meets the needs of our clients, and opens   niche markets for ingredients essential to the health and wellness   industries,”  said Dr. Rick Green, POS VP, Technology.   “This  larger scale equipment compliments our  expertise in  extraction and processing of high value compounds  from botanicals,  herbs, seeds, fruits and vegetables.”
 “What  makes it ideal for heat  sensitive materials is the short retention  time of product on the  evaporator’s heating plates,” explains Hervé Douce, POS Manager of Engineering. “What makes it cost effective for clients  is the lower consumption of  steam and water during processing, along  with the reduced number of  operators required to run this equipment.”


amino acids beef broths protein isolate
gums cheese whey citrus & other fruit juice
protein concentrate coffee fruit purees
gelatin whey protein whole milk
vegetable juice juice concentrates pectin
pharmaceutical ingredients skim milk sugars

Technical Data: Name:  3 Effect APV Rising/Falling Film Plate Evaporator

Design Parameters:
  Product Feed Rate:  1747 kg/h  (3,843 lbs/hr)
  Design Brix:
            .  Feed = 15 brix
            .  Finished product = 65 brix
Finished product design rate:  430 kg/h (946 lbs/hr)

Evaporation design rate:  1317 kg/h (2,897 lbs/hr)