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New Flash Evaporator

POS has commissioned a new flash evaporator and, by December 2013, a short path distillation system will be installed and operational for January 2014 projects. These two investments exceed $2 million in new capabilities offered to the contract R&D custom processing community.

Flash evaporator technology provides commercial scale fee-for-service bioprocessing capacity for extracting and concentrating heat-sensitive, high value compounds. For our manufacturing clients, it means producing market quantities of key products (like essences, modified proteins, concentrates, and powdered extracts) all at a competitive economy of scale.

The commissioned high capacity processing equipment includes a new 3-stage evaporator with essence recovery capabilities, a condenser, and reactors. It will operate in conjunction with an existing spray dryer, and cold water recirculation loop.

“Increasing capacity to commercial scale meets the needs of our clients, and opens niche markets for ingredients essential to the health and wellness industries,” said Dr. Rick Green, POS VP, Technology. “This larger scale equipment compliments our extensive expertise in extraction and processing of high value compounds from botanicals, herbs, seeds, fruits and vegetables.”

“What makes it ideal for heat sensitive materials is the short retention time of product on the evaporator’s heating plates,” explains Hervé Douce, POS Manager of Engineering. “What makes it cost effective for clients is the lower consumption of steam and water during processing, along with the reduced number of operators required to run this equipment.”