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Meet Our Employees: Tara Bowes

Inspired by the relationships built and the innovative work created, Accounting Manager, Tara Bowes, enjoys the entrepreneurial spirit of POS Bio-Sciences.




What is your job title?
Accounting Manager

How long have you been working at POS?
1 ½ years

What do you enjoy most about working at POS?
The people are amazing! I am also in awe of the innovation that comes out of this facility.
Specific to my role, I have the freedom to build processes and controls relating to financial transactions, and transactions that occur in our ERP system. Since the system was implemented just before I started with POS, there has been a lot of opportunity to build it from the ground up.

What attracted you to this industry in general and POS in particular?
From a financial perspective, the analysis that can come from a manufacturing/project environment is very intriguing. From a personal perspective, I find the work that POS does is inspiring, and to know that this type of work is done in Saskatoon, SK., makes me proud to have grown up here.

What types of projects do you work on at POS?
I work on projects related to our ERP system, to provide value added data and analysis for our company. Many other ad-hoc projects as well (essentially, where I find a gap, I find a project).

How would you describe your experience of working at POS? How does it compare to previous roles you’ve had?
My experience at POS has been wonderful. I enjoy working for a company where the decision makers are under the same roof.

If you were CEO, what would be the first thing you’d do to make POS even better?
I would try to get more team building opportunities for all employees. It would allow for cross-functional relationships to grow.