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Meet Our Employees: Ben Meister

Ben keeps POS Bio-Sciences’ tech infrastructure tip top and continuously improving. Attracted by the work we do in agriculture, he enjoys the POS focus on innovation and progressive development.




What is your job title?
Systems Administrator

How long have you been working at POS?
2 years previously as an operator and 3.5 years currently as Systems Administrator

What do you enjoy most about working at POS?
The thing I enjoy most about POS is the push for continuous improvement. I feel that change is not only welcomed but encouraged, and that people are not opposed to trying new technologies and giving constructive criticism on projects when warranted.

What attracted you to this industry in general and POS in particular?
Being from a farm background POS initially attracted me for the work they were doing for the agriculture industry.

What types of projects do you work on at POS?
I work on a variety of IT related projects. Everything from new computer software and hardware to moving data to the cloud and finding betters ways to collaborate with our clients.

How would you describe your experience of working at POS? How does it compare to previous roles you’ve had?
I would describe my role as very self-driven. This compares very positively with previous roles I had where we were not given the time to troubleshoot the root cause of issues and were instead constantly fixing the same issues repeatedly.

If you were CEO, what would be the first thing you’d do to make POS even better?
Provide lunch at lunch and learn sessions. This would encourage people from all departments to attend during their personal lunch break. Sessions could be recorded and played for operators on off shifts and loaded into a central location where all employees could watch the session later at their convenience.