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Meet Our Employees: Angie Johnson

POS Bio-Sciences prides itself on being able to keep top talent, and Angie proves this on all fronts. After 28 years with the company, Angie knows her way around a lab and a thing or two about analysis. Get the rest of her story. 



What is your job title?
Lab Services Manager

How long have you been working at POS?
Since May 1st, 1989. 28 years!

What do you enjoy most about working at POS?
The variety- no two days are the same, and what we worked on last year is different than the year before. And who knows what it will be next year.

What attracted you to this industry in general and POS in particular?
Food science wasn’t something I knew about until finishing my last year of my chemistry degree. A friend had just started his masters and he told me, “it’s for you Angie.” After one year in Food Science at the Agriculture College I was recommended to apply to a summer position at POS. The rest is history.

How would you describe your experience of working at POS? How does it compare to previous roles you’ve had?
My career at POS has been great. I’ve made lifelong friends and have lots of stories. I’m continually challenged and there’s never a dull moment.

If you were CEO, what would be the first thing you’d do to make POS even better?
I would institute EDOs (earned days off).

What types of projects do you work on at POS?
When I worked in R&D, I worked on things as varied as chewing gum and baking items to liver products. Since moving to Analytical services, my life has become much more mundane – NOT!