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Omega-3 Industry Partners Come Together at GOED Exchange

POS Biosciences and Algarithm attended the 2018 GOED Exchange in Seattle from February 6 – 8. The focus of the event was on the omega-3 market rebound, and how collective industry leadership and action is required. Executive Director Adam Ismail touted the importance of basic research and a unified industry voice, as well as acknowledged the need for a collective effort to understand consumers better and communicate the need for Omega-3s as a standard measure for leading a healthy life.

POS would like to extend warm wishes and thanks to outgoing Executive Director Adam Ismail. While POS is relatively new to GOED, we have a long history in omega-3 processing and research, and truly believe in the scientific benefits of omega-3 ingredients. As such, we would like to thank Adam and the GOED team for doing a phenomenal job continuing to build and align this industry.

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