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Potential By-Products: Algal Oil Processing

While  at AOCS 2013, don’t miss Dr. Nienke Lindeboom’s presentation entitled “Potential  By-Products to the Algae Oil Process” on April 30 at 8:20 am in Room  #513F.  Here is the abstract:
“In  recent years there has been a strong increase in the utilization of  microalgae as a lipid source for food and fuel.  Although supported by  significant research and development activity, the technology,  particularly when related to the production of biofuel and co-products,  is still in its infancy.
Besides  the desired lipid based end products, microalgae contain a range of  potential valuable components such as surfactants, proteins,  carbohydrates and hydrocolloids, phytosterols, carotenoids and other  secondary plant metabolites.  The type of organism, lipid extraction  and refining conditions, desired product specifications and processing  design all affect the feasibility to commercialize these value added  streams.

In  this presentation an overview of the limited research performed on  these compounds sourced from algae will be provided, particularly  related to the protein and carbohydrate fractions.  Furthermore, the  effect of upstream processing conditions on these compounds will be  discussed.”

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