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Grace Varga rejoins the POS Bio-Science Team

OS Bio-Science is proud to announce Grace Varga’s return to the POS team.

Grace has 25 years of experience in quality assurance. Her rigorous attention to detail, unwavering focus on attaining the highest quality processes and products, and drive to ensure operations run effectively and efficiently make Grace an invaluable addition to the POS management team. She is also a natural leader, and a dedicated, driven profession who ensures projects are executed safely and with well-disciplined efficiency.

Grace came to POS Bio-Sciences in 2011 as Manager of Quality, Safety and Regulatory Affairs. In August 2013, Grace took on the role of Vice President, Operations and in late 2016 began her role as Chief Operating Officer.

Through Grace’s leadership, POS adopted LEAN practices in 2013 and has turned them into a well-disciplined process. Grace has a Certificate in Quality Management from the University of Manitoba, and a Quality Auditor Certification from the American Society for Quality.

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