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Our US Facility

A leader in the design, piloting, tolling and purification of specialty compounds, our US facility’s recognized areas of expertise include molecular high vacuum distillation (short-path and fractional) and the production of nutritional and other compounds.
The 24,750 square-foot facility is located in Batavia, Illinois, and includes four processing lines, from lab to commercial scale. The facility compliments POS’s bio-based processing capacity, with a particular focus on lipid processing, and is well situated to serve US-based clients.

Visit the Batavia Bio Processing website here.

What we do here

Our Batavia facility assists industries with several bio-based service needs:

  • Short-path distillation
  • Fractional distillation
  • Continuous ethylation
  • TG re-esterification
  • Increased large tank capacity, blending, and tanker unloading

POS puts these technologies to work for fish oil companies, the fragrance and flavor industries, and other bio-based organizations and industries.

Quality Assurance

  • GMP Facility
  • Sillker Certified

Technological Applications

Here’s a few ways we can put our molecular distillation technology to work for you:

  • Fatty Acid Distillation
  • Deodorization of Edible Oils
  • Colour Body Removal
  • Separation of Bioactive Materials
  • Essential Oil Purification
  • Spice Oil Purification
  • Product Recovery from Waste Streams
  • Physical Refining of Edible Oils
  • Purification of Cosmetic Ingredients
  • Remove Solvents
  • Separate Monomers and Polymers
  • Devolatilize Polymers
  • Silicon purification
  • Waste Oil Re-refining
  • Micronutrient Recovery
  • Purification of UV Inhibitors
  • Tar Removal
  • Glycerin Recovery

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