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Disruption, innovation and the importance of culture

Members of the POS Bio-Sciences team attended the Natural Products Expo West. The Expo is the place global ingredient disruptors gather to compare notes, learn from one another and introduce innovations. Here’s what we learned.


Disruption, innovation and the importance of culture
A few lessons from the 2017 Natural Products Expo West

Anaheim, CA – This month, members of the POS Bio-Sciences team attended the Natural Products Expo West (NPEW). The Expo is a creative venue for industry leaders interested in natural ingredients and products.

First held in 1981, with 3000 natural ingredient trail blazers in attendance, the Expo had humble beginnings. Today, the Expo attracts close to 3200 exhibitors from over 120 countries with 80,000 plus visitors, and is now the place global ingredient disruptors gather to compare notes, learn from one another and introduce innovations.

A growing market
Natural ingredients continue to increase in popularity, and innovators from around the globe are aggressively disrupting food, feed, medicine, cosmetic, functional ingredient, green chemical and related markets. A plethora of new products and ingredients are entering the market with re-markably creative health benefits and features, while producers continue to evolve delivery sys-tems towards efficiency and ease of use.
“At POS, we believe growth in the natural ingredients sector is here to stay,” says Dale Kelly, CEO of POS Group of Companies. “In many ways, we are returning to old traditions and knowledge, but in a way supported by science and a large market. POS continues to be posi-tioned at the cutting edge of this sector.”

Knowledge sharing and making life better for everyone
One of the cornerstones of NPEW is education and knowledge sharing. Through key note ad-dresses and interactive workshops, 100 industry leaders guided participants on a wide variety of topics.
“There is a tremendous wealth of knowledge being developed,” continues Kelly. “Bringing this knowledge to practice through business improves life for everyone. POS is a proud member of this community of thought leaders working to make the world a better place to live, work and play.”
From designer, dietary pathways to transformative thinking for society, the presentations varied widely and the POS team benefited from engaging in many of them.

How you deploy profits is more important than simply being profitable – Doug Rauch
Doug Rauch – who spent 31 years at Trader Joe’s Company, serving 14 of those years as President – opened his presentation referencing the foundational principles of Conscious Capi-talism.

  • Business is good because it creates value
  • Business is ethical because it is based on a voluntary exchange
  • Business is noble because it can elevate our existence
  • Business is heroic because it lifts people from poverty

Rauch challenged the audience to think about big questions, aim higher and build businesses that are forces for good.

Creating a culture of innovation is difficult, but critical – Doug Rauch
Rauch reminded the audience that innovation is critical in business, but also that creating inno-vation cultures within a business is difficult. Related to this, he told those in attendance the es-sence of great companies is ‘culture” and that this culture reflects the values of how a business operates. While positive work cultures boost performance, performance alone does not create a positive culture. Finding that sweet spot is challenging but important, because positive cultures are at the heart of innovation and great companies. At POS Bio-Sciences, we are improving every day and working hard to maintain a positive culture of innovation and growth.

The POS Bio-Science team looks forward to next year’s learnings and engaging fellow industry leaders at NPEW in 2018.
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