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POS Bio-Sciences Earns AOCS Recognition

POS Bio-Sciences has continued to offer exceptional Analytical Services for years, and this year AOCS has again recognized the POS team for its world class talent. Find out who earned this year’s high honours.       For many years, POS Bio-Sciences has maintained an exceptional Analytical Service department. The department provides support to our…

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Meet Our Employees: Angie Johnson

POS Bio-Sciences prides itself on being able to keep top talent, and Angie proves this on all fronts. After 28 years with the company, Angie knows her way around a lab and a thing or two about analysis. Get the rest of her story.      What is your job title? Lab Services Manager How…

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Meet Our Employees: Udaya Wanasundara

As VP of Business Development and Principal Scientist, Dr. Wanasundara is one of POS Bio-Sciences key leaders. In Dr. Wanasundara’s 18.5 years with POS Bio-Sciences, the company has fed his desire to learn, innovate and grow.     What is your job title? Vice President Business Development and Principal Scientist How long have you been…

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Losing the Fishy Taste

  How bio-science innovation is shifting the world towards plant-based ingredients.         During the week of June 26th, industry leaders met in Las Vegas, Nevada for one of the world’s premier food and beverage events. To be able to put a finger on the pulse of the future of food and beverage,…

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Algarithm Ingredients Inc. Spins Out of Bio-Based Product Pioneer, POS Bio-Sciences, to Meet Market Demand for Plant-Based Omega 3 Ingredients in Functional Food, Nutraceutical, and Beverage Industry

New ingredients to bring brain and body benefits of DHA omega 3s – without the fish.   Saskatoon, Canada – June 22, 2017 – The creation of Algarithm Ingredients Inc. (“Algarithm”), a global developer of vegetarian DHA ingredients from algal oil, was announced today. Algarithm™ has spun-out from POS Bio-Sciences to focus on opportunities in the…

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