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Antioxidants as Food Preservatives

While commonly regarded for their health benefits, antioxidants are also used as food additives. Antioxidants make an effective guard against food deterioration given that exposure to oxygen and sunlight are the two main factors in oxidation. Food preservatives can include natural antioxidants such as ascorbyl palmitate, tocopherols and tocopherol acetate, as well as synthetic antioxidants…

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Gamma Oryzanol: Harnessing the Greatness of Grains

Gamma oryzanol (g–oryzanol) is a naturally occurring mixture of antioxidants found in rice bran, corn and barley oils. Gamma oryzanol and rice bran oil therapy have been used to treat and manage a variety of conditions including anxiety, menopause and aging. In addition, it is believe that g–oryzanol improves blood cholesterol by reducing total plasma…

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Glucotropaeolin Standard for Purchase

  POS Bio-Sciences has developed a method to isolate and purify Benzyl Glucosinolate from nasturtium flower seeds. Nasturtiums are a flowering plant from the order Brassicales, which also includes canola, radish, watercress, and broccoli.  A common characteristic of many members of the Brassicales order is the production of glucosinolate (mustard oil) compounds when plant material…

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Ginsenosides: a new offering with ancient roots

  POS Analytical Services now offers quantitative analysis of ginsenosides, a class of steroid glycosides considered to be the biologically active component of ginseng. Discovered more than 5,000 years ago, Chinese herbalists have prescribed ginseng for everything from normalizing blood pressure to improving blood circulation to preventing heart disease for centuries. Ginsenosides in particular have…

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POS explores one of the wonders of the Mediterranean diet.

POS Analytical Services can now offer quantitative analysis of both squalene and squalane, a natural compound that’s recently been noted as a key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet for protecting people against cancer. It’s obtained primarily through shark liver oil, vegetable oils, amaranth seed, rice bran, wheat germ and olives. It’s a natural part of…

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