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POS Joins AOCS as a Silver Corporate Member

A number of our individual scientists have long held AOCS memberships, and our analytical department has routinely been recognized by the AOCS Lab Proficiency Testing Program. As such, we decided to join AOCS as a Silver Corporate Member. The membership includes key training to ensure POS remains at the bleeding edge of bio-tech industry research…

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POS acquires U.S.-based distillation facility INCON

We were very proud to announce the acquisition of INCON, a short-path and fractional distillation facility, earlier this month. The Illinois-based facility is one of only three of its kind in all of North America and its acquisition is major gain for POS. With 75% of our current business already in the U.S., we plan…

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Canadian Bio Research Firm to Assist Smallholder Farmers in Haiti

The POS Bio-Sciences firm, located in western Canada’s farming heartland, today announced a partnership with the Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) in Haiti aimed at improving the struggling agricultural economy there. The initial focus of the partnership will center on the moringa tree (Moringa oleifera). Virtually every part of this fast-growing and drought-tolerant tree has a…

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POS Bio-Sciences and Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre to Host World Pulse Processing Experts

Saskatchewan is a global leader in bulk pulse production, exporting ~65% of global pulse crops in 2015; further, Saskatchewan continues to set the pace as the global hub for pulse value-added research and applied ingredients/functionality. As part of the UN declared International Year of the Pulses, POS Bio-Sciences (POS) and The Saskatchewan Food Industry Development…

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POS named NSBA exporter of the year

POS Bio-Sciences has been selected from four finalists as the winner in the Export category of the North Saskatoon Business Association’s (NSBA) 19th annual Business Builder Awards, presented March 17. Sponsored by the Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership (STEP), the Export Award is presented to the NSBA member that has successfully entered or expanded in a…

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