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Batavia Bio Processing Celebrates Two Years With POS

POS has a long history of being a leader in collaboration. This month, they celebrate an important milestone for one of their partner facilities. The processing plant in Batavia, Illinois, has now been a part of the POS family for two years. Batavia Bio Processing has developed its reputation as a leader in high vacuum…

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POS to Speak at Plant Protein Conference

POS is excited to participate in the Advancement in Plant Proteins workshop on September 26th. The conference is sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre (Food Centre). Hosted at the Willows Golf & Country Club, this one-day conference is designed to…

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POS speaks on new opportunities in plant proteins at the Protein Trends and Technologies Seminar in the U.S.

POS recently was invited by Global Food Forums to present at the Protein Trends and Technologies Seminar in Itasca, USA. Dr. Anusha Samaranayaka represented POS at the conference, offering a presentation on current trends and challenges in the field of plant protein ingredients, and discussed how plant-based ingredients can be used in different food formulations.…

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POS to Participate in Canadian Lipid and Bioresource Conference

Hosted in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan from September 9-11, the 2018 Canadian Lipid and Bioresource Conference (CLBC) brings together international delegates from academia, government, and industry to discuss current research in lipid and bioresource research as well as industrial processing and production. With many researchers from the University of Saskatchewan attending and presenting their own research, the…

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POS Harnesses Project Data to Streamline Innovation

The story of POS’s venture into machine learning began with asking a very simple question: why not use all of the data collected over the years to predict future actions? While this question sounds like a radical way of approaching ingredient science, it is exactly the type of thinking POS decided to implement to help…

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