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April 1st, 2014 – For Immediate Release

POS Bio-Sciences is welcoming a new company to the POS group of companies – POS BPC Manufacturing Corp. (“POS BPC”) has joined the POS group to provide commercial scale custom processing services for biological materials.

POS BPC will acquire all of the bio-processing equipment from the Bio Processing Centre owned by the Saskatchewan Opportunities Corporation (“Innovation Place”) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. As of April 1st, 2014, POS BPC begins providing services to its global client base from a dedicated facility at the Innovation Place research park in Saskatoon.

“The introduction of POS BPC will increase opportunities to grow the Saskatchewan agriculture value-added sector and attract more foreign direct investment to Saskatchewan,” said POS Bio-Sciences President and CEO Dale Kelly.

The addition of POS BPC has increased the capabilities of the POS group of companies by adding a processing area capable of completing custom production scale volumes for commercial markets.
The POS group of companies is a global leader in contract R&D, custom processing, and analysis; specializing in the extraction, fractionation, modification and purification of bio-based ingredients. POS works with leading industries to develop new products and expand bio-processing capacity. From ingredients to bio-products to green solutions, the POS team brings bench strength and brilliant solutions to help companies grow.

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