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$3 Million Facility Upgrade Underway

The facility renovation is in full gear and expected to be complete by December 2013. The renovation means POS will have sufficient electrical capacity to handle multiple projects as well as planned equipment expansions.  In addition, the facility will now have the capability to monitor energy use activities which means better engineering plans for clients and improved feedback on existing processes. The renovation will also permit POS to plug in emergency electrical generation capacity should it be required.

The other two fundamental improvements the renovation is addresses include a much more ‘controlled’ building as it relates to our environment.  Temperature and humidity controls will now be in place ensuring that all labs and pilot plant areas create environments for maximum performance of equipment and individuals.  Finally, the renovation will offer much needed improvement in basic facilities and traffic controls; therefore appropriate washroom/change rooms will now be configured next to the pilot plant operations.

This renovation stabilizes an aging infrastructure and provides assurance to our clients that we will be able to continue as a reliable service supplier to their scientific/engineering challenges.