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3 big takeaways from Supply Side West

Always a great learning opportunity, Supply Side West did not disappoint this year. Here are 3 trends we noticed at the event.



Despite not getting an opportunity to join the outside world for a few days, Supply Side West is a POS team tradeshow favorite.

POS Bio-Sciences joined Algarithm in a unique booth this year, and it was a busy space.

Algarithm and Virun served up DHA burgers and breakfast emulsions, and between the pink house and smell of burgers, a lot of people stopped by the booth.

Because of the frenetic pace at the booth, the POS team didn’t get the same opportunity to walk the floor and observe trends in the way they have in the past. But, a few things did stick out:

First: plant based ingredients are hot stuff. By now everyone in the biotech world knows protein has been a hot trend. But, until now protein ingredients hadn’t played much of a role at Supply Side. This year was different. It was clear, protein is getting its moment. The overlap of the traditional dietary supplement market and a broad-based tendency towards “healthy lifestyles” seems to be driving this trend.

Second: gut health matters. No surprise here, ingredients that improve gut health continue to carry a solid market. For POS, this is of particular interest given their work with plant based proteins. In fact, POS has been recommending client investment in protein co-products for years – especially with resistant starches and fiber showing great potential in the gut health space.

Lastly, vegan sources of DHA (algae) were re-invigorated this year. Omega 3s have been a fairly consistent trend in the dietary supplement market, but this year there was a bit of a shift. With a couple of new entrants into the market, competition seems to be creating a drive to find new ground.