Case Study: Brassica Protection Products LLC


Brassica Protection Products LLC (BPP) is a successful marketer of broccoli-based antioxidant ingredients to food and dietary supplement makers. Specifically, BPP has developed global markets for SGS-brand glucoraphanin — the precursor of sulforaphane — a powerful natural antioxidant that provides long-lasting beneficial effects in the human body.

The Role of POS

BPP was established in 1996 to license technological innovations discovered by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. By the year 2000, BPP was facing significant challenges in meeting its production and supply requirements. That’s when BPP first contacted POS, to determine how POS could help in developing their intellectual property into commercially successful products.

BPP’s relationship with POS has been so positive, it has moved away from conducting in-house development in favor of working directly with POS as its R&D, production, and logistics partner.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It

“Why mess with success? The work that POS has performed in the past, and continues for us, is what has made our company successful. Two-thirds of our sales revenue comes from the SGS powder POS developed for us.”

Tony Talalay
President & CEO
Brassica Protection Products LLC

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