Case Study: Bioriginal Food & Science Corp.


Bioriginal Food & Science Corp. is a global leader in delivering complete omega solutions to the food and nutraceutical industries. With more than 20 years of global expertise in both plant and marine-based omegas, Bioriginal has carved out a niche by scientifically combining ingredients from all over the world, directly from the source, to create unique and efficacious solutions.

The Role of POS

Bioriginal began working with POS in the 1990s to develop its extraction and purification processes for novel oils. In the early years, Bioriginal actually rented office space in the POS facility. Since that time, however, POS has conducted numerous projects for Bioriginal to optimize and scale-up extraction and purification processes.

In addition to traditional R&D services, POS continues to provide a range of analytical and custom processing services to Bioriginal to support its operations around the world.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It

“POS had the knowledge and expertise we needed in the early years. We were very lucky that we had access to POS’s seed pressing, bleaching and deodorizing expertise. The work that was done by POS has formed the foundation for our production processes.”

Cameron Kupper
Vice President, Operations
Bioriginal Food & Science Corp.

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