Novel Equipment & New Opportunities

Posted on Dec 3, 2012

POS  Bio-Sciences has expanded access to commercial scale  bioprocessing  capacity for aqueous extraction and concentration of heat-sensitive,  high value  compounds.  Our  manufacturing clients and partners from food, health and wellness, and  ag-biotechnology industries can produce market quantities of products   such as purified proteins, peptides, juice concentrates, and powdered extracts   – all at a market entry level economy of scale. The   recently commissioned high capacity processing equipment includes our  new  3-stage evaporator, a condenser,  and  reactors.  It will operate in...

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Art Froehlich in Bio Industrial Hall of Fame

Posted on Nov 14, 2012

Congratulations to POS Board member Mr. Art Froehlich (President, AgriView Inc.) for his upcoming induction into the Bio Industrial Hall of Fame on Wednesday November 21st, 2012.   This is indeed a fitting recognition of Art’s many outstanding contributions to the Alberta life sciences community and beyond, as well as the enabling role he has played for future industry leaders. Art Froehlich’s roots in the world of agriculture reach back to his childhood on the family farm in east central Saskatchewan. Art works with a wide variety of industry stakeholders in both public and private...

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John and Charlotte Cross BioSciences Centre

Posted on Sep 28, 2012

Building Renamed in Honour of Saskatchewan Innovator and Business Leader Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – POS Bio-Sciences (POS) today rededicated its building the “John & Charlotte Cross BioSciences Centre” in honour of the company’s first CEO and current board chair, John Cross. The announcement was made in conjunction with POS Bio-Science’s 35th anniversary celebrations highlighting the company’s significant contribution to economic and industry expansion across Saskatchewan. “John Cross is among the most respected and innovative business leaders in Saskatchewan and we’re proud that our...

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