At our Chicago-based Bio Processing plant, we specialize in creating ingredients for products you haven't even dreamed up yet. A leader in the design, piloting, tolling and purification of specialty compounds, our US facility in Batavia, Illinois, is a recognized expert in molecular high vacuum distillation (short-path and fractional) and the production of nutritional and other compounds.

Beyond the bottom line

Scalable, highly efficient ingredients increase the bottom line. We have put our bio-based services, such as short-path distillation, fractional distillation, continuous ethylation and TG re-esterification for lipid based clients such as fish oil producers, the fragrance and flavor industries and the nutritional and food industries. The 24,750 square-foot facilityat Batavia includes four processing lines, from lab to commercial scale. The facility complements POS's bio-based processing capacity, with a particular focus on lipid processing, and is well situated to serve clients. It is a GMP-approved facility andcertified by Silliker.

A profitable future

At Batavia Bio Processing, we develop and manufacture pure, profit-focused ingredients using high vacuum distillation. In short, we create the ingredientsof the future.

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