the art of
analysis reveals:

Growing trend in food industry

Plant based proteins are one of the hottest trends in the food industry, and protein functionality is big business today. The commercial value of plant based proteins in giving texture and substance to foods cannot be under-estimated and represents an area of huge potential growth.

Tremendous advances at POS

In the past 24 months, the Analytical Services division of POS Bio-Sciences has been developing new protein platforms in collaboration with their client partners, building on more than a decade of experience in developing, scaling and commercializing new protein ingredients.

Process design impacts protein purity, functionality and production cost, and all this leads to specific ingredient applications and markets. POS Bio-Sciences recognized a need to link the process to the product application by determining the functional properties of different proteins produced in different ways. For example, a soluble protein used to fortify a beverage has a different function than a protein emulsifying oil and water in a mayonnaise-type product.

Understanding protein function is key to success but testing is required to find the most effective and efficient protein for the job. It is also critical to scaling in a way that's cost effective. POS Bio-Sciences is committed to continuously improving their processing to meet the needs of this lucrative market and deliver on the promise of bringing innovative solutions, and to this end their Analytical Services has set up two sets of protein functionality testing.

Elements of success

At POS Bio-Sciences, we blend accurate data, timely insight, world-class scientists with proven methodologies and a uniquely focused set of processes to provide a best-in-class analysis. We call it: The Art of Analysis.

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